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resultado do trabalho feito pela fotógrafa Rosa de Luca

"Brasilian photographer reveals the beauty and the art of a region that challenges time

Words: Gabriel Silvestre

Pictures: Rosa de Lucafeatured on JungleDrums

issue 62 October 2008

In the summer of 2007, São Paulo-based photographer Rosa de Luca visited the Brasilian Costa do Descobrimento (Discovery Coast). The region was the first port of call for Portuguese discoverers in the 15th Century. Enchanted by the area's natural beauty and by the local hospitaliy, Rosa began taking photos of the landscape and local artists. "It all came about very organically and, before I knew it, the book was ready", reveals Rosa in an allusion to her latest publication, "Arte Vida Sul Bahia," a book bursting with photos of untouched beaches, rivers and mangroves as well as portraits of unknown local artists."

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